On a budget? Like your stuff, but not sure how to set it up? Re-design is probably one of my favourite things to do as a designer.  It is basically taking what already exists in your home, office, or other space and re-arranging it, styling it.  It is amazing how some quick changes such as re-arranging furnishings, editing, putting up art, and re-arranging accessories can have a huge impact on a space!

Process for Re-design

Initial Contact (>15mins)

We always begin with a brief initial consultation to determine the client’s needs and what they are looking for. Maybe they’ve never worked with a designer before and need some clarification. This generally happens in a phone or email conversation.

Consultation/Re-design Appointment (1-4 hrs)

Gather Information: The next step is to make an appointment where I will come out to the client’s home for a consultation.  Our discussion will be centred around 7 key elements:  Lifestyle, needs, wish list, function, budget, space and timeline. It is important for me to get an understanding of the feel and look the client’s want in their home. When I make suggestions and come up with designs, I want it to reflect my client’s tastes, but also to ensure that their space suits their lifestyle and the way they function in their home.

Recommend/Design/Decorate/Execute:  This is where we walk through the home and I will make recommendations as to what we can do to transform the space.  Typically with re-design I  get right in there and start changing up what the client has!  Move existing furniture and/or accessories around to re-design the space. If the client is wanting new items I will make specific recommendations for paint, furnishings, art and accessories.  *Depending on the size of the space and the amount of furnishings a second appointment may be necessary.

Extras:  Window Covering consultations and measuring are also part of the services provided for residential interiors. (*Free consultation for Window Coverings*)Home officeBaby's room

I am available to help with a complete design package for you from start to finish. I can work with you on your space as much or as little as needed – it all depends on you!

Dreaming of a space you’ll love to come home to? Contact Jennifer to get started today 780.908.0275.