• Can we choose our own contractor/suppliers?

    Yes, absolutely, but we do have our own of team of talented contractors!

  • How much do you charge?

    Click the link to see our value design packages. If you don’t see a package that suits your needs please get in touch with me either via phone or email for a custom quote.

    If the work to be done is more extensive than one of our packages provides,  I will draw up a contract detailing the scope of work to be done and a set price.

  • Do you do floor plans?

    Yes. I am able to provide printed computer generated floor plans.

  • Can you help me choose paint colours?

    Yes. Paint colours are one of the hardest design details for people including designers! I can help you to choose that perfect colour with the right tone as well as coordinate colours as needed.

  • Do you sell blinds?

    Yes. I sell Hunter Douglas, Shade-O-Matic, Levolor, Maxxmar, just to name a few.

  • Do you sell drapes?

    Yes. I will come to your home and help you to decide the right style as well as the perfect fabrics to create the drapery, valance or soft blind you are looking for! I provide sketches as need be.

  • Do you sew the drapes yourself?

    I wish! No I don’t. I have an extremely talented group of seamstress’s who can sew virtually anything I can come up with!

  • Can you do black out window coverings?

    Yes. I carry room darkening blinds and/or I am able to have a blackout liner added to custom soft window coverings such as drapes.

  • Do you have a show room?

    House of J is in association with Lori Elms Design Group and as such I use our office/showroom located at 14415 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton. It is a character home we have converted into office space and a show room. Visits to our showroom are by appointment only. 780 908-0275

  • Why should I hire a designer?

    Put simply, it will save you time, money and will help assure you get the look you want.
    One of the ways I save you time is by being very efficient at finding the right products to create the right look for your space. I work with design and decor materials all the time, I know where to look, what works and what doesn’t. It can be overwhelming for people to choose all the products and finishes they need for their space and to make sure that everything coordinates and looks good together. And to make sure it is actually the look that they want! This is my job, let me help you!

    Hiring a designer can also help save you from making costly mistakes. It is easy to miss details when your working on a space, such as “We bought it, but it doesn’t actually fit through the front door. Now what?” Or “I had to have dark wood flooring and now I hate it because I didn’t realize I’d have to clean it 3x a day because it shows everything!” These are just a couple of examples that I have indeed encountered. The bottom line is I am trained to see potential problems when it comes to design and decorating in your home. I will do my best to recognize any pitfalls before they occur.

    Finally I will help assure that you stay true to the look and design that you want to achieve. It is easy to veer off track and not even realize it. One ill chosen piece of furniture decided on a whim could de-rail a design plan. As a professional designer I can often re-work a plan if need be to accommodate changes, but I also try and keep us on the chosen design path. Let me help you get the look and feel you actually want from your space, that is one of my favourite parts of what I do!