Easter, Spring, Decorating….Ready, Set, Go!

Easter, Spring, Decorating….Ready, Set, Go!

 With Easter comes spring!!  Or so we hope, in this part of the world!  And in my world, new season=new decor!  Who’s with me??


Yellow Grey Living Room Fireplace Vignette

I love to change up my home for the season especially in spring.  There is a definite sense of out with the old and in with the new.  These decorating changes can be as small as adding vases with fresh flowers and some trendy toss cushions, to a complete overhaul of  your space! 

In the photo to the above, (courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens) the toss cushions, the layered art, a new modern floor lamp, of course some flowers and an adorable little bird house, all add a freshness to this space.

Decorating for the season does not have to be a pricey venture, although power to you if you have a healthy budget to really change things up.

If you’re trying to be careful where you spend, simply moving around the furniture that’s already in a room can make a remarkable difference.  Perhaps paring down and removing that tired old bookcase that has become the catch all spot,  or taking out the chair that’s in the room because “we pulled it in at christmas for extra seating.”  Little changes such as these can really have a big impact on the feel of a room.


Radiant Orchid Map Kitchen

If your wanting to take things a step further, how about a change in paint colour?  And as you can see from the picture below (Courtesy of design sponge), paint colour does not just have to apply to walls.  A table painted in the colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, makes a statement!  Perhaps this isn’t your colour of choice, but painting up a piece of furniture can make it seem like a brand new piece.

Many of us move into a new home and like the paint colour that exists.  Over time we add furniture, art, accessories, and that colour that looked great in the beginning is no longer a  good match for the personality we have added to our space.

We tend to get very comfortable with the status quo, but changing things up can really add a vibrancy and energy to our homes.





Change is good.  So Happy Easter, Happy Spring and Bring on the fabulous decorating! 

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