Creating a Splash with Faucets

As I sit rocking my youngest to sleep in his room, I can hear the very distinctive drip of my bathroom faucet. And aside from thinking “one more thing to take care of,” I can’t help but also think, “ooh new faucet!” Yes, that is the crazy designer girl in me!

Amazingly enough something as utilitarian as a faucet can have an incredible impact on the look and feel of a your bathroom or kitchen.

Home Bathroom

I decided to change all my faucets in my home I lived in a few years ago. My kitchen sink was stainless steel and all my hardware (knobs, hinges etc.) were a brushed nickel.


Typically, on the safe side, we keep all our fixtures and hardware coordinated i.e. matching. So throwing oil rubbed bronze into an otherwise brushed nickel home was perhaps jumping outside the box. But, quite honestly, I am a fan of what’s outside the box!

The new faucets added a new dimension and a certain richness, allowing me to give the space a slightly old world feel.

RGE RD Restaurant Bathroom faucet

Here is another example of a faucet creating a statement.


This is a photo of the washroom faucets from RGE RD Restaurant, here in Edmonton. The client’s liked the idea of exposed copper piping. I was able to tell my incredibly talented plumber what we were wanting and he made it happen for us.

Not only are there numerous styles of faucets there are also a fabulous array of finishes available, check out this page from Delta for more:

Check out my pinterest board Fashionable Faucets! for some inspiration pics.

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