Summer Dreams! Furnishings to add to the ambiance!


Colourful splashes add to this simple, but eclectic bedroom! All furnishings available through House of J, please contact for more info.

Aww Summer, how I love thee! The smell of deep purple lilacs, freshly cut grass, the sound of the ice cream truck coming down the road, bbq’s, patio’s, festivals, markets, juicy peaches, carrots that taste like carrots, warm summer night’s…

I love to open my windows in my bedroom on warm summer evening’s and watch the late night dusk settle into my room.  Usually a robin is chirping it’s pleasure of a day well lived.  This is bliss. Equally, in the morning’s there is nothing better than the sun greeting me with warm happy rays, while I sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

I am one of those people who is incredibly affected by my surroundings.  If the colour on the walls comes across heavy or sallow, I feel it.  If the house is cluttered with mess and disarray, I struggle to function.  If the furnishings are placed without thought or meaning, it feels off.  However, on the flip side, a tidy space, a space that has been adorned with furnishings and art in a manner that speaks to one’s personality, that is a space I love, a space I can thrive in, a space where ideas flow, and the joy of little moments are easily cherished.

Lovely crisp clean white bedding on my British Isle’s 4 poster bed make my summer dreams a little bit sweeter.  My well worn tufted leather sofa envelops me while I sip my morning tea.  Art that sings to my heart adorn my walls.  The ambiance of my home laces every experience with a little extra happy.

Thanks for reading! Cheers to your happy home!

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Painting a Brick Fireplace

I’ve always disliked my 60’s brick fireplace surround and intended to paint it.  The other day I found a photo of a white horse and fell in love.  Had to have it.  I brought it home and leaned it on my mantle.  It was immediately apparent that the horse needed something more beautiful than my dated brick to call home!  So I headed to my basement to see what left over paints I had.  I had some whites and greys.  I found an extra spongey roller and a paint brush and set to work on painting that dated brick.  It took me under 4 hours with a toddler under foot!  It was a rush job, but I was pleased with the final result.

1960's brick fireplace surround

1960’s brick fireplace surround

side angle... so you get the full feel of the look!

side angle… so you get the full feel of the look!

A mix of white acrylic paints eggshell finish. (The paint you buy in a can at the paint store!). Mine was getting old, so it was a bit gummy. But that worked well because it stuck to all the texture of the brick.

A mix of white acrylic paints in an eggshell finish. (The paint you buy in a can at the paint store!).  This paint was quite old and gummy which worked well for my textured brick.

I started with a brush and painted the grout lines.

I started with a brush and painted the grout lines.

I didn't paint very evenly which added to the overall effect in the end.

I didn’t paint very evenly which added to the overall effect in the end.

After the grout, I roughly painted the brick with the roller. Some parts got more paint some less. This is part way through.

Part way through….  After the grout, I roughly painted some of the redder bricks with the brush.  I really slopped on the paint for some bits and used less paint and almost dry brushed other bits.


To add more white I used the spongey roller and again literally slopped it on in some parts allowing it to really seep into the grout lines. I smoothed drips with the brush. Finally, I took some grey paint and watered it down, about 50/50, to make a wash. I used my brush and applied it to the areas that already looked a little grey. I did this very sparingly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           End result with my lovely horse of course!


With a touch of Christmas.

With a touch of Christmas.


#superparty #yeg and me!

Interior designer-check

business owner-check

Local Artist-who knew?!

I recently had an awesome opportunity to create art out of recycled and re-used materials.  #rethinkjunk  The opportunity was created through Edmonton’s Green Window City project.  Local artists collaborated with local business’s (on whyte ave for this pilot project).  In April, appropriately timed around earth day, I took off my designer cap and donned my artist’s one to collaborate with Lululemon on Whyte.  Basically I was asked to make art out of junk!

I wanted my window to represent the style and vibe of Lululemon and incorporate the vibrancy and energy that is Edmonton.  And everything was reused or recycled.  The paint was from the eco station and I had the excellent staff at Cloverdale paint,  tint the paint to coordinate up with Lululemon’s current seasonal colours.  The wheels were donated from a bike enthusiast who’d bought them 2nd hand on kijiji.  The rope for hanging the wheels was sitting dormant in a barn begging to be used for something.   The tree branch was found broken on an acreage, it reminded me of a yoga pose somehow, all bent over, clearly perfect for my Lulu window!  Even the hardware to hang the wheels was second hand!



After the Green Window City project, Startup Edmonton asked if they could purchase the wheel installation as a permanent fixture for their space in the Mercer Warehouse.  I was quite honoured that they were interested in my creation so I happily donated the installation.  The vibrant wheels compliment the raw exposed brick of the Mercer Warehouse.

Painted bicycle wheels - art hanging in the Mercer building - Startup Edmonton

The Mercer Warehouse, Startup Edmonton, Make Something Edmonton, Edmonton’s NextGen, The Culture Collective, and TD recently hosted a Super Party.  Mercer Warehouse was opened up for exploration and a wicked street party topped it off.  More art installations, a pop-up market, a lego building area, free slushies, ping pong, chalkboard drawing, dj, live music, live theatre, all kinds of awesomeness at this #superparty.

Poppy Barley