Summer Dreams! Furnishings to add to the ambiance!


Colourful splashes add to this simple, but eclectic bedroom! All furnishings available through House of J, please contact for more info.

Aww Summer, how I love thee! The smell of deep purple lilacs, freshly cut grass, the sound of the ice cream truck coming down the road, bbq’s, patio’s, festivals, markets, juicy peaches, carrots that taste like carrots, warm summer night’s…

I love to open my windows in my bedroom on warm summer evening’s and watch the late night dusk settle into my room.  Usually a robin is chirping it’s pleasure of a day well lived.  This is bliss. Equally, in the morning’s there is nothing better than the sun greeting me with warm happy rays, while I sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

I am one of those people who is incredibly affected by my surroundings.  If the colour on the walls comes across heavy or sallow, I feel it.  If the house is cluttered with mess and disarray, I struggle to function.  If the furnishings are placed without thought or meaning, it feels off.  However, on the flip side, a tidy space, a space that has been adorned with furnishings and art in a manner that speaks to one’s personality, that is a space I love, a space I can thrive in, a space where ideas flow, and the joy of little moments are easily cherished.

Lovely crisp clean white bedding on my British Isle’s 4 poster bed make my summer dreams a little bit sweeter.  My well worn tufted leather sofa envelops me while I sip my morning tea.  Art that sings to my heart adorn my walls.  The ambiance of my home laces every experience with a little extra happy.

Thanks for reading! Cheers to your happy home!

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