Residential Interior Design & Home Decorating Services


Residential: Great Room of a Home in Sherwood Park

Our homes are at the heart of the way we live and thusly should be designed with care.

Initial Contact (>15mins)

We always begin with a brief initial consultation to determine the client’s needs and what they are looking for. Maybe they’ve never worked with a designer before and need some clarification. This generally happens in a phone or email conversation.

Consultation Appointment (1-3 hrs)

Gather Information: The next step is to make an appointment where I will come out to the client’s home for a consultation.  Our discussion will be centred around 7 key elements:  Lifestyle, needs, wish list, function, budget, space and timeline. It is important for me to get an understanding of the feel and look the client’s want in their home. When I make suggestions and come up with designs, I want it to reflect my client’s tastes, but also to ensure that their space suits their lifestyle and the way they function in their home.

Recommend/Design/Decorate: This is where we walk through the home and I will make recommendations as to what we can do to transform the space.  Depending on what’s needed I may actually get in there and move existing furniture and/or accessories around to re-design the space. If the client is wanting new items I will make specific recommendations for paint, furnishings, art and accessories.

Execution of plan (4+ hrs)

Clients may choose to implement the design ideas themselves or they have the option to hire me to do this for them. If I am hired to complete the design process, I will shop for the items discussed in the plan.

Set-up: Once items are agreed upon and purchased, I will return to the home for set up. I work alongside the client to ensure they are always satisfied with the products and results.

Extras:  Window Covering consultations and measuring are also part of the services provided for residential interiors. (*Free consultation for Window Coverings*)

We may also discuss possibilities for Renovating the space, whether this means the removal or addition of walls, or an assessment of kitchen layout and design, living room design or bathroom layout and design.

I am available to help with a complete design package for you from start to finish. I can work with you on your space as much or as little as needed – it all depends on you!

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