RGE RD Project

Project Type: Restaurant


RGE RD Restaurant was a super fun project I had the great pleasure to design and decorate. We started in a space that originally housed another restaurant. The clients wanted to completely transform the existing space to a warm rustic farm feel restaurant with a touch of whimsy.

I first re-created the design to allow a more open seating plan and to incorporate a bar/serving station. I chose to utilize interior windows to really open things up and allow a sneak peak into the kitchen. Next I added in the rustic elements, with wood detailing, custom made light fixtures that incorporated old pulley’s and a reclaimed farm wood beam and a fabulous faux concrete wall. For that touch of whimsy, I incorporated the look of swings for the front entrance and exposed copper piping complete with garden style faucet handles in the washrooms.

The result is a cozy inviting space with simply amazing “untamed cuisine”. RGE RD is located on 123 st and 106 Ave in Edmonton.

Testimonial for House of J

Caitlin Fulton from RGE RD Restaurant in Edmonton (www.rgerd.ca)

While we were in the process of the purchasing a space for our upcoming restaurant RGE RD, we were connected to House of J, an Edmonton interior design company. Jennifer was a great fit right off the bat, and we began working together even before we had keys to the new space.

My partner and I already had a very strong concept for our space in mind – Jennifer took our vision and turned it into a reality without compromising her own approach to design, which we found organic, not contrived or over-designed like many newly renovated spaces.

In addition to being able to interpret our needs right away, Jennifer was incredibly present throughout the whole process. She communicated clearly with the restaurant contractor and was always on-site when we needed her.

All in all, we ended up with a space that our restaurant guests love – they love the warm atmosphere, they feel instantly at ease, they feel at home. Jennifer helped us create a space that we, and our customers, are truly connected to, and we didn’t hesitate to invite her onboard for our upcoming design project.

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