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Post Written by: Gilbert Cabrales

How to Strike a Balance Between Cost and Efficiency with LED Lighting 

The right lighting matters when it comes to designing spaces. Glowing, bright, subtle, subdued, clear, or sparkling – the lighting in your home, office, or business evokes a mood immediately.


the mirror where you put on makeup

the dining room table set for a dinner party

the counter you use for chopping vegetables

the area above the mantel of your fireplace

the desk space where you write out bills and check email

Now, think about all the different lighting options for each of thesespaces. It’s one of the most important design features to consider, and fortunately, new LED lighting selections provide the ability to combine beauty with efficiency, and energy and cost savings like never before.

What is LED lighting exactly?

Light emitting diode, or LED, represents the latest technology in lighting and energy savings. Over the last few years, campaigns have worked to encourage people to switch from older incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and CFL lights over to LED lights. LED lighting uses about 85% less electricity than these older choices. This is due to the LED industry investing in and developing improved products quickly for increased efficiency and safety.

Who is using LED lighting?

Pretty much every household now at least has one LED bulb, but designers and electricians know that the future is going to be all LED, all the time. In 2009, there had been less than 500,000 LEDS installed. This number is now over 450 million.

Aren’t LED lights expensive?

With the increased demand, the prices have lowered which thrills both clients and designers. One of the reasons people weren’t switching previously, is because LEDs required a larger investment up-front with most of the savings incurred through lower electricity bills over time.

While the math still worked out to favor LEDs in the long-run, consumers had trouble with the initial purchase when so many “cheaper” options were available. Now, those concerns are smaller with the price of a bulb often below $5 with available rebates and they tend to last about 25 years longer than incandescents and up to 10 years longer than CFLs.

Some of the other ways that LED lights help you to save money are with your cooling costs. These lights have very little heat output. You know the feeling of being under hot lights? With LED, your AC system will not have to work to cool down spaces heated by traditional lighting.

How can I improve a space with LED?

There’s very few things you can’t get in an LED these days. Recessed LED lights are always popular if not standard for some areas, but now you can find candelabra, 3-way lights, and dimmable options in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can then change the look of an area is by selecting an LED light based on the color temperature, output or brightness, and dispersion, or range, of light.

In the example below, the LED strip lighting under the cabinets highlights the backsplash, but also makes the counters brighter for working. Recessed LED lighting gives the ability to layer the lighting and, with a dimmer installed, you can select just the amount of light required. This can help you save money every month on your electric bill by not having to have more light than you need.


large kitchen island. By House of J Interior Design. Edmonton, Alberta.

Full Kitchen

The color temperature of LED lighting provides a full range from cool blue lighting, to clear white, to warm yellow and golds to fit any space. Then, you can use LED directional lighting to provide a focal point on an art installation, stairs, walkways, or any design element you want to highlight.

Bike Tires / Wheel Art by House of J Interior Designer Jennifer Woch

Re-tired art in the Mercers building.

Finding Partners in LED Lighting

When it comes time to fulfill your LED lighting needs, of course you will need an interior designer, but electrical designers bring a tremendous amount of value to the design table as well. CSLED.com is one partner many firms and clients like to use because they are an electrician-owned and operated LED lighting supply company. Their personal electrical design experience helps to make decisions like Where, How Many, and What Kind simple. Get in touch with them to learn how their knowledge can make your lighting project hassle-free.

Author bio – Gilbert Cabrales has been with CSLED since its inception in 2008, first as an employee and then as a valued partner. Gilbert has vast experience in both lighting and electrical work and has a unique method for collaborating with his clients. He doesn’t stop at the sale. Instead, he works to truly connect with his clients and remains a resource throughout the lifespan of each one of their lighting projects. From design to implementation and beyond, you can count on “Gil” to deliver LED expertise and true partnership capabilities.

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